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Cool websites for CPAs

  • Welcome :Start Here, Go Places.
  • Tomorrows CPA (Student site)
    The student sit from the Maryland Association of CPAs - includes free membership for students (high scholl thru college) interested in an exciting career as a Certified Public Accountant. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics recently showed the CPA career as one of the fastest growing careers (in demand) for 2008 thru 2018.
  • Biz Learning Blog
    Thought leadership for talent management, learning, and strategy from the Business Learning Institute
  • CPA Learning 2.0 - Web 2.0 for CPAs
    Training for CPAs who want to explore the Web 2.0 world in a self-study experience.
  • Second Life Association of CPAs
    The first Assocition for CPAs, students, accounting educators and all of those interested in the possibilities of virtual worlds for the accounting profession.
  • CPA Island (Second Life)
    Life's a beach - at least for CPAs. The CPAs have formed a beachhead in Second Life called CPA Island. You must be a member of SLACPA group in order to visit. See the latest happenings on the island...
  • Maryland CPA Summit (MDBIZEXPO)
    The show for meeting the challenges facing business today - the credit crunch, rising health care and energy costs, developing human capital, globalization are issues everyone is concerned about. It is time to “get real” about the challenges we face and seize new opportunities, and build sustainable organizations that grow profitably and create jobs. The Expo’s goal is to provide a gathering place of resources and ideas which help everyone meet these challenges. That is what is unique about this event.
  • Welcome to the Business Learning Institute
    The place for "performance" skills needed to thrive in today's fast-paced business environment
  • New CPAs
    The site for students and people entering the CPA profession
  • CPA Success Blog
    Cool blog on the Profession by the Maryland Association of CPAs


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I'm a CPA who helps people and organizations shape their future...


Tom Hood, CPA, is the CEO and Executive Director of the Maryland Association of CPAs and founder and CEO of the Business Learning Institute (BLI).

Tom has taken the CPA profession by storm with his innovative uses of technology at the Maryland Association of CPAs. From the virtual world of Second Life to social media tools like Blogs, Twitter, Linked-In, and Facebook, Tom and his team at the MACPA are using these tools to communicate with members and teach CPAs about the power of these tools to keep them ahead of the curve in today’s rapidly changing environment. Tom and the MACPA have been featured in the Journal of Accountancy, Accounting Today magazine, and AccountingWeb.

He is a nationally recognized author, speaker, and consultant recognized repeatedly as one of the Top 100 Most Influential CPAs by Accounting Today magazine. He also won the AICPA Special Recognition Award for his contributions to the profession leading the CPA Vision Project. Tom is the CEO and Executive Director of the Maryland Association of CPAs and founder and CEO of the Business Learning Institute (BLI) a center for the development of leadership skills for CPAs.

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